Alternative Dark Pop out of Wolfsburg

Letters Sent Home combine the best out of different genres. Deep lyrics and instrumentals that you might want to connect with PVRIS or Bring Me The Horizon.

Who we are

In a still men-dominated rock music world LETTERS SENT HOME can present everything, the international alternative music scene needs in 2019.
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With their female-fronted modern style of alternative/emo rock, the four Germans present songs about self-insecurity, critiques to society and an overwhelming feeling of indisposition with values you would not expect from under 20s. Sounding like a mixture of electro pop band PVRIS to more rock dominated modern bands like Dream State and Bring Me The Horizon, LETTERS SENT HOME create their own modern style of emotional alternative rock with electronic influences.

After finding themselves in 2017, LETTERS SENT HOME self-released their first EP “Back To Life” in May 2018 produced by themselves, along with their video single “Breathe”. After playing lots of concerts and festivals throughout Germany, the highlight was supporting the German female fronted rock band Guano Apes. Since early 2019, the band went back to the studio to produce their next EP alongside with well-known, echo-nominated producer Aljoscha Sieg at the Pitchback Studios alongside with former Vitja vocalist David Beule and PolarBeats producer Julian Huisel. The outcome is an outstanding, new form of female fronted alternative emo rock the alternative scene needs in 2020.

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