Merch Service

Our merch service is mainly addressed to newcomer bands and artists from Germany. We want to help you to get your first merch products out there.

We can help you in finding an appropriate artist to create your artwork, we can do minor design work for you ourselves and we can prepare your files for printing. For bigger and established bands and artists we offer to be your official merch store, if certain requirements are met. You will find more information on this page.

Design and product selection

Preliminary stage – What do I need? What should the design be like? Who can create it? Which products are possible to produce? We will answer all of these questions, together.

You only got a rough idea of what your merch should look like? No worries, together we can work out a concept, find the appropriate artists and soon you’ll have your very own artwork or design.

Once the design is final (maybe you already got one), we will work together to find out which products are the perfect fit for you and how we can realize your ideas.

Design and printing files

You only need minor design work or fixes, we can also help you out. Just let us know what you need and we’ll see how we can assist you.
We will also prepare your files for printing. Just send us your designs and artworks and we will professionally prepare them for whatever printing method you need.

Official Merch Store

This offer is rather addressed to established bands and artists. We can act as your official merch store. Which means we will sell and ship your merchandise.

However, your merchandise needs to meet the following requirements: There should be a certain interest in your merchandise. The designs and products should fit the overall product range of Polarschwarz. Also, the music you or your band is playing should fit the general vibe of Polarschwarz. (Please keep in mind that we’re shipping from Germany. So if your band is mainly known in a different Country and maybe outside of the EU, the shipping costs might make this service unreasonable for you.)